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The Outland Arts Team

William McAusland: Creator and Creative Director

Danny Seedhouse: Game Designer & Writer

Brandon Goeringer @SavageGM: Game Designer & Writer

Graeme Hallett: Game Designer & Writer

Audrey Deutschmann: Editorial Advisor

Ann Silbernagal: Editor

Larry Macko: Illustrator

Bill Frymire: Photographer and artistic advisor

Fraser Hallett: Illustrator

Pat Badminton: illustrator

Jon McAusland: Software development and Outland System Coordinator

Jakob McAusland-Mohr: Online Video

Neuroclasm: musical score for intro and podcast

Rajeeeth Raghavan: Illustrator and OCR technician

    Special thanks to Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games, Michael of The Geek Gazette , Danny Seedhouse, Lenny Ottosen, Brian Stewart, Wes Kidd, Brett Wilson, Charles Cochran, Cody Monteith, Eric Maher, Neuroclasm, Rajeeeth Raghavan, Mark Lambert, Brutorz Bill, Corey Sigvaldason, John Mahon, Dana Lindell, David Lane, Thomas R. McPhee, Arthur Shimazu, Ryan Henry, Lisa Martin, Ryan Lopes and the staff at High Octane Comics and Collectibles and Derek Johnson and All Aboard Games, my squad of eager gamer kids, and all those who’ve played various incarnations of the game in the early days.

      Extra Special thanks to my wife, Brooke for her unwavering support during the long development and promotion of this game line and the whole Mutant Epoch milieu.

Happy adventuring,

William McAusland



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