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Artist Guidelines
The Mutant Epoch™

            While The Mutant Epoch™ is a futuristic, dark, post apocalyptic setting, art samples need not be of that genre. Secondly, the styles and mediums employed by our artist and currant freelancers are not indicative of the art we demand, in fact, we welcome all styles from both established illustrators as well as accomplished beginners.

            What do we need? Well, being a gritty milieu , illustrations for The Mutant Epoch™ should be textured, somewhat loose, scratchy and possibly mature in their subject matter. The games, comics and fiction are geared toward an mainly male, adult audience, so showing violence, blood, gore, the horrific, as well as the sensual are okay by us as long as the images relate to the text for product being produced. So yes, you can show people with hot bodies, somewhat suggestive scenes and some nudity; bums and breasts, but no clearly visible genitals unless they are part of some non-human being.

            The Mutant Epoch™ as well as many other Outland Press™ products are often sold as downloadable adobe acrobat™ pdf books, and it is our policy to make these products as printer friendly as possible, therefore, we don’t want to see large blocks of color or black ink anywhere, except possibly on the cover or for screen-only editions. To better facilitate printer friendly products, we require finished pencil drawings, or digital art which uses grayscale and avoids large patches of solid color, all of which must have light backgrounds and depth; see the examples found here.  For a portfolio, show us what you’ve got, but do try to include some finished pencil or grayscale renderings along with color and black and white ink work.

            Please email us at info@outlandarts.com with a link to your online portfolio. Please don’t attach samples in an email. If you don’t have a web site yet, consider setting up a gallery at either www.elfwood.com , www.deviantart.com or www.epilogue.com  or better yet, all three.  We look forward to seeing your work.

Also see our writers Guidelines here 




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