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  Here Now and Coming Soon to The Mutant Epoch Collection          




July 16 14th 2016: An Update

We just released The Ascent by Timothy Berriault, which is our 7th One Day Dig. Check it out right here!

      Yes, we are still working hard on the Expansion Rules Book, and the Quick Start Pay What You Want version of the hub rules (with a One Day Dig called Muddy Mayhem). Besides these projects, I have been working daily on the Mutant Epoch Novel series and will be completed the first cycle by the end of August and have it ready for the editor soon after that.

    It might be a year before the edits come back from the fiction editor(s) and are inserted, in that time, I will be doing the art for the Expansion Rules book and other TME goodies we have on the go.


Kindest Regards,

 W. McAusland











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