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About Outland Arts™       
Outland Arts is an independent publisher of speculative art, table top gaming products, fantasy stock art and fiction. We have several games in the works, a novel series set in The Mutant Epoch world, as well as prints, posters and a fantasy role playing game. At this time, our main focus is The Mutant Epoch role playing game (TME). This indie RPG uses the Outland System game mechanic. To learn more about The Mutant Epoch, click here.

The name Outland Arts™ comes from the Outland System™, a table top role-playing game mechanic which is utilized in the independent RPG products currently available for sale and in production by this company. The name has also been selected owing to the various geographic regions from which each partner and freelancer hails.

Will McAusland
Creative Director
Outland Arts


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